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Learn about OGLSimRacings Past and Present.

Birth of the League – Racing123

OGLSimRacing started life back in 2008/2009 As Racing123 not on rFactor but racing F1 Championship Edition on the PS3, Setup By David Fidock this game provided Simple and easy racing for a league to start its life.

Many seasons were run on F1CE, but the league members and admins were seeking more of a thrill which had been lost over multiple championships on the old game. It was Daniel Lovett who brought Racing123 into the rFactor era suggesting the game which took the league to the next level.

Racing 123 – rFactor Season 1

So the rFactor era was born. Racing123 had moved to PC from PS3 and a more stable racing simulator. In March 2009 the League started its first race using RFT 2008, Grid size was small but everyone knew this was the start of something new. David Fidock like in F1CE dominated the season to win the championship

Online Gaming

League Owners David Fidock and Daniel Lovett with help from other members of the league decided that Racing123 was not a good enough name for a rFactor league. Therefore they set about searching for a new name. They wanted to expand from just racing incorporating other gaming into their gaming circle therefore the name “Online Gaming” was chosen later adapted into Online Gaming League or OGL for short.

Season 2 & 3

OGL Moved into a new season with a new name and a new forum. Season 2 was the first time we used a WCP mod with their 2009 V1.2 mod. It was this season began the growth within the League with the numbers slowly creeping up to start to become a respectable grid size, But it was Season 3 where the league took off having 10-15 drivers in almost every race. A league best at the time. Season 3 used the V2 mod of WCP 2009. David Fidock took back to back championships in Season 2, but Matt Harvey took the championship in Season 3 away from David Fidock.

Problem Era – Season 4 & 5

With 3 relatively successful seasons under the belt, OGL wanted to make Season 4 even better. There was no good 2010 mods available for rFactor so Matt Leonowicz and Daniel Lovett took on the task of trying to edit WCPs 2009 mod bringing the physics up to 2010 regulations ready for OGL’s 4th season. A few rounds into the season it was apparent that editing a mod from a 2009 spec to 2010 without completely reworking physics was a big task and the mod had a few issues. It was decided that the season would be scrapped and that the newly released WCP2010 mod would be chosen for a new season. This mod gave the league an even bigger headache by the mod being way to grippy and little or no slipstream. This meant races were boring and the league voted as a whole to scrap this season also.

Rebuilding – Season 6

With two failed seasons under its belt, the future of OGL was uncertain, members were losing interest and so were the admins. A reformat and rebuild was required for the league. Matt Leonowicz took the plunge and took over the day to day runnings of the league, This is when the league started to be rebuilt. Season 6 was a short season, as we used RFT2010 and there were a few issues surrounding the mod. But we carried on to finally crown a champion after 3 seasons who was the already double champion David Fidock.

Fresh Start – Season 7

A fresh start with a fresh mod and fresh new website. The league started on its 7th season. The 20 race calendar was the most races in any season of OGL. The grid sizes were varied but all in all the season went without a hitch. The mod we originally used was WCP2010 mod with another mods physics, But problems with the high modeled WCP cars made us switch to better FPS driving cars. The mod was the best one we had used and it produced some close racing within the mid field. This was the first season of rFactor we ran a full season with a Safety Car controlled by Max Kane and Justin Greenwood. David Fidock took his 4th title after dominating the season once again.

Titanic Battle – Season 8

After winning the Season 7 championship David Fidock decided to take a season out and take up Race Control/Safety Car duties, meaning that we would be crowning a new OGL Champion. The mod we used this season was 2011 F1 cars with similar physics to the previous season. This season was the first and currently only season the league experimented with mid season upgrades, giving all teams the same amount of R&D points and letting them develop their cars in different ways. From the first few races it was clear this was going to be the closest season we had ever had. It went down to the last race against Alex Cooper and Florian Geier. Florian just needed to beat Alex to take the championship and that he did, Being the 3rd champion of OGL and the first in his rFactor Career.

Formula Championship – Custom Teams

OGL was always looking for change, so for our next season we wanted to take a new approach to our racing. We decided to scrap the real F1 teams in favour of our own custom skins. This season was also the first full season we did using Highvoltage, the KERS&DRS Plugin. The season had lower numbers then the previous seasons, but the racing was still relatively good. With David Fidock returning to racing, Matt Leonowicz stepped out this season to take up Race Control and Safety Car duties. David Fidock dominated the season once again taking his 5th Title.

Rebrand – OGLSimRacing

OGL went under another rebrand for the 2013 season. We decided that the name “Online Gaming League” Did not represent the league well enough and as we had dropped all of our other gaming ventures on the site it was apparent that we needed to rebrand the website into a simracing site. therefore the new name OGLSimRacing was created. We decided that this name would be much better as it branded us in the simracing category rather then the Gaming in which the website was previously.

2013 – SimRace TV & Close Racing

With custom teams not being favoured, the League returned to real F1 teams partnering up with WCP to help them develop their 2012 mod that we would use. New features like the RFE Weather plugin, continuing using KERS&DRS for the first half of the season until it was scraped due to a lot of bugs. This season was the first time we were live on SimRaceTV with Matt Leonowicz continuing the Race Control Duties. David Fidock retired once again from active racing in OGL to take up live stream/commentary duties for 2013 and 2014. It was another titanic battle with Alex Cooper and Florian Geier but with a retirement from Alex at the penultimate race of the season gave Florian his second title. a very successful season in 2013, one of the best yet in OGL with the turnout being 15+ every race.

2014 – Final rFactor Season

OGL teamed up with a new mod group called F1AL in 2014 who’s F1 2014 mod we used with custom physics to make this seasons mod as good as we can. a lot of league format remained the same from 2013 with some small rule tweaks. a lot of community politics and false cheating claims from a select few members caused the grid size to be considerably lower then 2013. Alex Cooper dominated the season winning 15 out of 16 races and being on the podium in every race.

2014 was the Final season on rFactor and the league closed it’s doors at the end of 2014 due to the poor community support the admins received.

2020 – We are back!

After a 6 year hiatus OGLSimRacing is finally back and going back to our roots, which is making the league all about racing.

We have decided to ditch simulators for now in favour of the F1 Codemasters games, as we just want to focus on good racing without having to do lots of work behind the scenes to ensure a mod and simulator work effectively.