A Fresh Start

Hey guys, so the season ends tomorrow. It’s has been a roller-coaster of a year. This started out with our highest turnout for a race with 24 in Australia. This has steadily declined to... Well you know...

Before we go into detail I would like to announce that OGL is going nowhere. We are going to return in 2015 with a new Formula Championship. We have had ups and downs as a community and people coming and going. I worked so hard this year and tried to make it the best season ever. I failed. The community presence on the forum as all but died, maybe people are scared of posting on the forum or just don’t care. I do not know. What I do know though is that this season shows that the current way the league is structured and run can no longer work and something needs to be done. I want to thank everyone who has stayed committed to OGL this year. Who have just got their head down and got on with things, but everything that has happened this year is now in the past and we can move on. Before I carry on I want to say that I am wiping the slate clean. Everything that has happened or what people have done is forgotten about. Gone. In the past. Let it go. If you have a problem with someone about something that happened in the past. Its finished with. Final. With a new league structure being planned. Lets hope we can rebuild the league to what it was like in the “glory days” so people can feel like part of a community again. But this rebuild wont work unless EVERYONE chips in and is willing to be a part of it once again. If next year fails as a league and a community I don’t see OGL having a future past 2015 unless we ALL do something about it. With that little rant said I want to mention a few plans I have for next year. Some people might have heard that we have been looking into other simulator alternatives and you will be correct. So I am also announcing now that tomorrows race at Brazil will be our final F1 race on rFactor. So where does this leave us now? Well I have been looking at other alternatives and other leagues. Especially FSR (Formula Sim-Racing) who did their first season this year on rFactor2. They have had a lot of problems with mods and especially the damage model. The simulator is a MASSIVE improvement on rf1, it just doesn’t seem league worthy yet and it needs to get its shit together before we even consider a switch. So that at the moment is side-lined unless they have a radical turn around before February 2015. So… what does this leave us with? Well there is only 1 solution thus far which has given us any promise. And that is Game Stock Car. Which I would say is more like rFactor 1.5. It uses rFactor’s physics engine but with continuous updates. It supports most of the new features that are new in F1 this year and the physics is a huge step up to what the original rFactor can produce. To me this is the perfect step up for a rebuilding year. It has 8 gears, an integrated DRS system, turbo engines, updated car model physics (flexing wings etc) and they are currently working on a new “ers” system aswell as dynamic track & weather system and a new tire model simulating dirt, graining, blistering & flatspots which should all be in the game when we go racing in March. Graphics settings are the same as rF1 so if your pc can run that then you’re fine. Another plus for GSC is that the physics are “locked” so there is no editing, all cars are equal and I cannot change a thing. Hopefully this will “quash” past rumours once and for all. Downside to this is that GSC costs a one off fee of around £18 there is NO free crack. But if you are all willing to buy wheels and gamepads to race. You can splash out on an extra £20 for a new season! Think of it as an entry fee. Once this race is over tomorrow and we have had a bit of a rest, GSC will go on the server for people to try. You can download a Demo of GSC that you can play for 1 hour for you to try. I have a lot of new ideas and plans for the league. But I think switching to a new simulator is a great start. You might think, but why should I pay for the same game as rfactor? GSC as I said is always being updated. I personally think it is a huge step up from the original game and well worth a look and the money. More details will be posted over the next few weeks/months with mod details and info about teams etc. I hope you all enjoy the race tomorrow and are looking forward to a fresh start in 2015. That being said, if we do not get enough numbers by the time pre season starts, then the season won’t happen. So it’s up to everyone to get recruiting and asking their simracer friends to join. Finally, I have something in the pipeline for a winter series using GSC. It won’t be as big as the Indycar league was it will only be on about 2 or 3 weekends, but it’s just to get used to this new simulator and hopefully boost moral. That’s all I’ve got to say for now. See you all tomorrow. Below is some screenshots and a video of the coming updates in GSC.

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