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IndyCar Cup News - Alex Cooper, Indycar Cup Champion!

indycarnews.jpgAlex cooper became the 1st ever OGL IndyCar Cup champion at the final race at the Indy 500, Myles Dixon led the field of and we had a titanic battle from lap 1 Matt Leonowicz had a lush start and lead the field after 5 laps we had the 1st sc the only one of the 60 lap race...
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OGLSimRacing IndyCar Cup 2014 News 1

What a great start for OGLs 1st ever indycar racing series and a big thank you to everyone involved especially all the new drivers that came to race thank you for taking part. So if you didn’t take part why not as if you’re reading this and you didn’t race you missed a great ride. ...READ MORE

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey guys just a quick message from me as I will be out and about visiting family till the 2nd of January so may be a little inactive over the next week or so, Hope you all have a good christmas and a happy new year, Lets look forward to a great 2014!

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Thankyou Matt

The drivers of OGL have put something together for Matt, to show our thanks and appreciation for his hard work and commitment he has put into making the league what it is today. Thanks also goes out to Lee for his news reports, we always know they'll great and Dave and Max for the excellent live streams we had this season.

[Submitted by SIMONSEZ]

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