Rules & Regulations

Formula Championship runs to the rules and regulations of real life Formula 1 on 2020, here is a reminder of some of the rules and how we will implement them into our league.

Session Settings

Short Qualifying – Race Distance 50% – Flag Rules Full – Damage On

Car performance will be set to equal

Driver Aids

ABS – LOW – Traction Control – LOW

Teams and Drivers

Each team fields 2 drivers per race, But because there is a low number of grid slots currently (20) Teams can have a maximum of 4 drivers “Signed” to their team at one time, Two main drivers and two reserve. So if one of the main drivers can’t make the race a reserve driver can fill their spot.

It is up to the “team manager” on who they want to sign for their teams.

However, if no “signed” drivers turn up for the race. A League admin can select a driver from the reserve pool who could be contracted to a different team to fill the seat.

If a driver fails to turn up to 2 “contracted” races, they are automatically removed from the team. Either the team manager or admin will select a replacement if no reserve drivers are contracted.

If a Team manager fails to turn up to 3 “contracted” races, the team gets assigned to the active driver in that team or an admin picks a suitable replacement.

Driver Numbers

Each driver will be assigned a permanent number between 2-99 that can be selected in F1 2020 for the whole of their time in OGL and throughout all series. This will either be chosen by the driver or declared to them by the administrator. If the number gets taken by a real F1 driver you will have to choose another.

If a driver does not race in OGL for over a 6 month period their number will be revoked and become available for someone else to use

Each driver’s number must be the correct number when entering a race. If incorrect a point will be added to the drivers super license each race it is incorrect


Race Schedule

Practice – 7:30pm – Qualifying – 8:00pm – Race – 8:20pm

All Races will be on Sundays on the dates shown in the calendar section

Times are GMT or GMT+1(BST) Please check the “league clock” on the front of the website

Race Incidents

F1 2020 game should take care of most incidents for track extending, speeding in the pitlane, false starts and most collisions, however if you think something happens during the race that the game did not pick up on you can report it in the incidents section for admins to have a look at. more details are on the incidents page


Talking during the race on F1 2020 audio chat system is banned as drivers can get distracted. Anyone who wants to chat to teammates or racers during the event can connect to our discord channel. You may be removed from the lobby/race if you use this system


Each driver has 12 Licence points on their Super-Licence. You can get between 1-3 Licence points depending on the severity of the incident. These will only be given out if

A. Admins do not think the penalty assigned by the game was good enough

B. An incident happens were the game does not assign any penalties when one should be