We are back!

Hi Guys, Welcome back to OGLSimRacing… 5 Years after I said “we will be back one day…” Now we are!

We are now a less serious, more fun, racing & entertainment focused community, striving for fun rather then realism…
We have decided not to run a league on a simulator game currently, rather on F1 2020 by Codemasters ON PC, as we want to simplify the league and make it all about the racing rather then the politics and “faff” a simulator brings.

I have set up a new website because the other one was a buggy mess due to it being outdated. So if you had an account on the old website you will need to create a new account.

Information about singing up for the new 2020 formula championship is all in the forums.

We need to wait until F1 2020 is announced before setting a season start date, but it will start within a few weeks of F1 2020 being released, IF it is released before August.

We still need to have some rules in place to establish clean and fun racing so there will be some simplified rules being released before the start of the season.
Overall I just want to have some good fun and clean racing.

Its good to be back and Hope to see you back racing with us soon.

P.s Please sign up to our discord for early news and announcements before they are posted on the site

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